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Shooting with Fuji X Cameras

Crashing Out. Homing In.

It has gone. My old blog has been well and truly consigned to the electronic dustbin. I used to write quite a bit at one time, the last four or five years however, have not been good.  Mentally, physically and creatively I have been in neutral, and one of the first things that fell into the weeds was my ability to write. Also, my ability to read, in as much I've not really felt like reading and when I did sit down to read I just seemed to get bored or frustrated with it. 

I'm writing this post in late December but this is not one of those New Years type of things, I just feel like some of my mojo is back and I feel like I have the mindset to be writing again. I'm also hoping to kick my photography up a gear too. As it is the end of the year, here are my top nine from Instagram this year. 

My Instagram best of 2016