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Here is a potted and mostly accurate snapshot of the first 40 something years of my life.


Born in 1967, Buzz spent most of his life in Nottingham. After leaving school Buzz worked in a variety ofdifferent industries before falling into a role as IT technician at a local college. Although not formally trained in IT and computing, Buzz found the work fascinating and quickly developed his skills. It was not long before he was in charge of the academic network at the college. 

In 1988 Buzz joined the Nottinghamshire Constabulary as a special constable. Like most of the big decisions in his life this was not something he had ever planned to do. The special constabulary is a volunteer organisation who’s officers serve alongside the regular force with all of the same powers and responsibilities. In addition to his day job Buzz would often spend over a 100 hours a month “on duty”. By the early 1990’s Buzz had been promoted to Section Officer (the equivalent of a sergeant). In 1995 he was commended by both his Chief Constable and a Crown Court Judge for “his courage whilst confronting a man armed with both a knife and a firearm and tenaciously disarming and effecting an arrest without harm to himself or others.” His actions in this and other situations led to him being well regarded by his regular colleagues andhe was often requested to work with particular departments.

In May of2000 Buzz took a sabbatical and left the UK to live on a small Caribbean island. Whilst there he learnt to dive and on returning to the UK in early 2001 had over 200 dives in his log book, had 100’s of hours at sea and had certified as PADI dive-master. In the autumn of 2001 became a PADI SCUBA diving instructor.

Back in the UK Buzz worked for himself as an IT consultant. This gave him more freedomand meant that Buzz had the time and money to travel a great deal more. He began to shoot a lot on digital SLR cameras that were just beginning to be adopted by photographers. He read as much as he could about the new technology and photography in general and attended several photography courses. 

In late 2007 Buzz was given the opportunity to tick off something on his bucket list. He took a job as dive-master on the Nautilus Explorer, one of the top 10 dive boats in the world. It was the start of a whole new chapter in his life. After 19 years as a special constable, Buzz handed in his warrant card, packed his dive gear and boarded a plane to Vancouver.  Leaving the Police Force had been a hard choice but the lure of the ocean was too much. After a few weeks in the cold coastal waters around British Columbia, Buzz was part of the crew which boat south to the warmer waters of the Pacific coast ofBaja California. Here he would spend two seasons with the Great White Sharks of Guadalupe, and two seasons with the Giant Manta Rays of the Revillagigedo Islands. 

He returned to the UK in the summer of 2009. In 2010 he attended a weekend photography course at the nearby Dillington House. This re-kindled Buzz’s interest in photography. Although primarily a digital shooter, he also shoots an ageing Bronica SQ-a and enjoys developing and printing his own black and white film.

In May 2012 Buzz recieved his Licentiateship from the Royal Photographic Society after successfully completing the Distinctions Course in Professional & Applied Photography.

Buzz is currently living in Nottinghamshire and primarily shoots models and portraits. 



February 2017